Emma's Story
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Emma's Story

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By Bob Sjogren and Stephani R. Jenkins

Tara is a missionary in Turkey who is looking for a miracle in her persistent requests to volunteer at an orphanage. Graham and Becky are a middle-aged American couple who are called to minister alongside Tara where they have no experience and no resources. Emma is a little girl who is born into a drug-ridden and violent family, and through a series of events, finds herself in the very same orphanage.

Told through the perspective of both humans and angels, Emma's Story opens up the world of the "cursed" children: children who are physically or mentally handicapped and trapped in a culture that believes they are lost causes. However, God's love and sovereignty gives them a chance to live like they never have before, and the phrase "what you did for the least of these" becomes much more than Tara, Graham, and Becky could have ever thought or imagined.

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