If I'm Saved By Grace, Why Bother With Works?
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If I'm Saved By Grace, Why Bother With Works?

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By Bob Sjogren

If we take an honest look at the Bible, we'll see that it is full of grace AND works. This is why we have both spectrums in the Christian life: those who believe you have to be a good person to get to heaven and those who believe you get there solely by faith. How can both be in the Bible?

In If I'm Saved By Grace, Why Bother With Works?, Bob Sjogren takes a fresh new look at this dilemma and gives straight-forward, no spin answers. You'll catch a new understanding of what it means to walk with God.

You'll also discover something startling. Before time began, God had a kingdom prepared for you to rule and reign over in Eternity Future. But this kingdom isn't yours by simply inviting Christ into your life. This kingdom will be yours if you earn it! Biblically, this kingdom is known as your "inheritance."

Discover God's Word in a fresh new way. Learn how to work for your inheritance--not for your salvation!

In the last chapters, you'll find an amazing discovery which, at first, seems to contradict the Cat and Dog Theology seminar but in the end, will all make sense. And that is: It's all about you! Get the book and find out how it's NOT about you and it IS about you!"

This book is also great for use in a Sunday school class, small group, or Bible study.

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