God's Bottom Line
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God's Bottom Line

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By Bob Sjogren

God's Bottom Line is a rewrite of Unveiled At Last. All of the introduction stories have been updated from Bob's personal experience overseas. It covers:

  • Top Line/Bottom Line Theology
  • God's heart for all nations from Genesis to Revelation
  • How we are missing much of the Bottom Line!
  • Blindness: Why God blinds His church from the Great Commission and why He does it out of love!
  • How the major events of the Bible hinge on the Abrahamic Covenant.

This material has been used of God to help many people catch a glimpse of what God is doing globally and get them to join Him! God has used it to raise up hundreds, if not a few thousand, laborers for God's kingdom!

We have also developed a companion study guide for this book for use in Sunday school classes, small groups, and for Bible study.

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