Crocs Eat Rocks
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Crocs Eat Rocks

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By Gerald Robison

Crocs Eat Rocks is is a continuation from the previous book, Because He Liked It. Each of the 101 pages is filled with narration and color showing the unique creativity of God as He made the animal world. And why did He do it? - Because He Liked It! All things were made by Him and FOR Him.

This book is great for Christian schools, homeschools, adults, and children!

Why did God make a woodpecker with a tongue too long to keep in his mouth? - And just where does he put it?
Why did God make some desert frogs from which you can actually drink water?
How did God make giraffes able to hug without having any arms?
Why did God make the pygmie marmoset so small it can cling to your finger?
There's a chicken that loves to play in the snow? Why?
Do ostriches really stick their head in the ground?

Learn the answer to these questions and more as you discover God made all these things - and more - for no other reasons than "Because He Liked It".

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