Because He Liked It

Because He Liked It

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By Gerald Robison

The Bible unmistakably says that God made all things by His will. That doesn't mean He worked up a lot of "willpower" each time He created something. Instead it refers to His will and desire. It could just as easily be translated, "Because He Liked it'.

Within the realm of creation, God has surrounded us with a multitude of things that should make us marvel and sit in a state of wonder as we contemplate His creativity. Each animal has some incredibly unique attributes that reflect the glory of God. So why did He make them? -- Because He Liked It!

This is a great tool for both adults and children because it is drawn in a cartoon style, but has narration that catches the attention of all ages. With every turn of the page, readers will find themselves saying "I didn't know that!"

Consider it for Christian schools, homeschools, or reprinting in your bulletins/newsletters (yes, we'll let you do that). It's also great as a "bathroom reader" or just plain old reading fun!

Here is just a sample of the book's contents:

Why did God make a rhinoceros? - Because He liked it.
Why did God make the giraffe with that long neck - and then insist on it spreading his front legs apart before he gets a drink of water? - Because He liked it.
Why did God make some animals that don't drink water at all? Because He liked it.
Why does one variety of fish dangle a light-bulb in front of its head? Because He liked it.
Why did God make male whales to sing the same song together? Because He liked it.
Why do buzzards eat more weight in food than what they can fly with? Why did God want them to stay around their "dinner table" before leaving? - Because He liked it.

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