Homeschool Curriculum: High School Year 1-C&D (Complete Kit)
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Homeschool Curriculum: High School Year 1-Cat & Dog Theology Complete Kit

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UnveilinGLORY now has Cat and Dog Theology ready for homeschoolers and private schools. The curriculum is 505 pages in length and full color all the way through!

It has 90 lessons and is to be done over 30 weeks. It includes readings from Cat and Dog Theology and Cat and Dog Prayer. Along with the readings, there are quizzes, personal application questions, Bible studies, cartoons, an ongoing story with two teenagers, and a final exam! Best of all, parents love it and love to see how it is changing their student's heart to learn how to live passionately for the glory of God!

The kit includes the following items:

  • Homeschool Curriculum Workbook
  • Answer Key
  • Cat & Dog Theology book
  • Cat & Dog Prayer book
  • YouTeach3 - Cat & Dog Theology PowerPoint CD

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