Homeschool Curriculum:  Elementary-Year 1 (Children's Workbook)
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Homeschool Curriculum: Elementary-Year 1 (Children's Workbook)

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This Children's Workbook is part of the Elementary-Year 1 Homeschool Curriculum Kit for children in grades 2-4. It contains 90 lessons that are designed to be used over an entire school year (3 days a week, approximately 15-20 minutes a day). The lessons include games, crafts, coloring, etc., through which your child(ren) learn about making God famous.

Because each child should have his/her own workbook, these workbooks can be purchased individually. That way, if you have more than one child in grades 2-4 that will be going through the material, you don't have to buy more than one complete kit. Just buy an additional Children's Workbook for each child and they can share the other books and the audio CD in the kit.

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