Homeschool Curriculum:  Elementary-Year 2 (Children's Workbook)
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Homeschool Curriculum: Elementary-Year 2 (Children's Workbook)

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The Bible is full of passages that talk about getting to heaven by grace. But let's be honest, the Bible is full of passages that talk about works as well. Do we get to heaven by faith or works - or a combination of the two?

UnveilinGLORY's second year elementary Bible curriculum, Cat and Dog Rewards, is designed for children in grades 3-5 and helps your child learn the difference between getting to heaven by faith and earning rewards by works. Created by Elise Sjogren, a third grade elementary teacher, this material is both fun and insightful for your child. It also helps them discover what heaven is like! We study this because if we can't envision what heaven is like, we'll never be excited about going there. Seventy five questions are asked, such as, "Will we have bodies? Will our pets be there? Will it be boring? What will our bodies be like? Will we remember things on earth?" Don't miss this exciting year of study!

This Children's Workbook is part of the Elementary-Year 2 Homeschool Curriculum Kit. It contains 90 lessons that are designed to be used over an entire school year (3 days a week, approximately 15-20 minutes a day). The lessons include games, crafts, coloring, etc., through which your child(ren) learn about making God famous.

Because each child should have his/her own workbook, these workbooks can be purchased individually. That way, if you have more than one child in grades 3-5 that will be going through the material, you don't have to buy more than one complete kit. Just buy an additional Children's Workbook for each child and they can share the other books in the kit.

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