The Story of the Bible DVD + Notes

The Story of the Bible DVD + Notes

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by Bob Sjogren

This DVD Series contains 8 thirty-minute lectures by Bob Sjogren. It is designed for small groups or personal study. In it he covers all the top Line/Bottom Line teaching found in the book Unveiled At Last and the audio series Unveiling Global Glory. (No Cat and Dog teaching is found in it.) Learning from this, you'll discover how God's heart for all nations permeates the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, allowing you to read the Bible as one book, with one introduction, one story, and one conclusion.

You'll also discover how most Christians are only reading half of their Bible (and it has nothing to do with the Old versus New testaments). Also discover one of the most powerful messages: why God blinds Christians in the Church to the Great Commission, and why He blinds non-Christians to the Gospel, and why He does all of this out of love! Also discover how the major events of the Bible all hinge on the Abrahamic Covenant.

Sale price includes two copies of the DVD Notes!

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