YouTeach3: A Cat & Dog Look at the Cross (PP slides in PDF) - CD
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YouTeach3: A Cat & Dog Look at the Cross (PP slides in PDF) - CD

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Cats and Dogs view the cross very differently. A Cat says, "Jesus left the Father's glory for me! He suffered for me! He died for me! He's going back to heaven to build mansions for me! Wow, I must be what God lives for." whereas a Dog says, "Jesus left the Father's glory to reveal His Father's glory. He suffered for His Father's glory. He died for His Father's glory. He's going back to build mansions for His Father's glory. Wow, Jesus lives for the Father's glory."

With these two different views of the cross, they draw two different conclusions. A Cat says, "Since Jesus suffered for me, I don't have to suffer." A Dog says, "Since Jesus suffered for the Father's glory, He's left me an example that I should be willing to suffer for the Father's glory as well."

This simplified version of "A Cat and Dog Look at the Cross" contains over 250 ready-to-use slides in PDF form (created in PowerPoint) that will help you teach this material in three lessons (with a bonus lesson added!)! It contains slides, notes, a memory picture, and an audio demonstrating how you can teach it.

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